Who owns Isuzu now?

Isuzu Motors Limited is not owned by a single entity; it’s a publicly traded company. This means its ownership is distributed among various shareholders, including:

  • Individual investors: These can be ordinary people who have purchased shares in Isuzu stock through stock exchanges.
  • Institutional investors: These include investment companies, pension funds, and other entities that manage large pools of capital and often hold significant stakes in publicly traded companies like Isuzu.

While Isuzu doesn’t have a single controlling owner, some prominent institutional shareholders hold notable percentages of its stock as of 2023:

  • Mitsubishi Corporation: Owns approximately 5.82% of Isuzu shares.
  • ITOCHU Corporation: Owns approximately 5.81% of Isuzu shares.
  • Toyota Motor Corporation: Owns approximately 4.6% of Isuzu shares.

It’s important to note that these ownership percentages can change over time as investors buy and sell shares in the company.

Therefore, unlike companies owned by a single entity or a majority shareholder, Isuzu operates with a distributed ownership structure, influenced by various stakeholders and market forces.