Where is Renault made in South Africa?

While Renault does have a presence in South Africa, they don’t currently manufacture Renault-branded vehicles within the country.

Previously, between 2008 and 2009, there was a limited production run of the Renault Sandero hatchback at the Nissan manufacturing plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria, South Africa. This collaboration aimed to leverage existing Nissan production lines and potentially expand the market reach of both brands. However, this co-production arrangement ended in 2009.

Currently, Renault vehicles sold in South Africa are imported from other manufacturing locations, primarily from:

  • Europe: Factories in France, Spain, and Slovenia are common sources for Renault vehicles in South Africa.
  • India: The Renault Triber, a compact SUV, is specifically manufactured in India for various markets, including South Africa.

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