What is the difference between tanker and truck?

Both tankers and trucks are vehicles used for transportation, but they have some key differences:


  • Tankers: Primarily designed to transport liquids or gases in bulk quantities. They are often used for commercial purposes, transporting essential materials like oil, gas, chemicals, or even food products like milk or juice.
  • Trucks: Designed for more general cargo transportation, carrying a wider variety of goods, including:
    • Solid goods: Pallets, boxes, machinery, construction materials, furniture, etc.
    • Loose materials: Gravel, sand, dirt, etc. (using dump trucks)
    • Liquids: In some cases, trucks can also be equipped with tanks to transport liquids, but this is not their primary function and their capacity is typically much smaller compared to dedicated tankers.


  • Tankers:
    • Typically larger and heavier than most trucks due to the need to carry large volumes of liquids or gases safely.
    • Have specialized tanks made from strong and corrosion-resistant materials like steel or fiberglass to withstand the pressure and potential hazardous nature of the cargo.
    • May have additional features like insulation to maintain cargo temperature or compartmentalization to transport different liquids separately.
  • Trucks:
    • Come in various sizes, from small pickup trucks to large semi-trailer trucks (18-wheelers).
    • Have cargo beds or trailers for carrying various goods, depending on the specific type of truck.
    • The construction materials and features vary depending on the intended use and cargo type.


  • Tankers: Primarily used for long-distance transportation of bulk liquids and gases, often across oceans or long stretches of land. They are crucial for various industries, including:
    • Oil and gas industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Food and beverage industry
  • Trucks: Used for a much wider range of applications, including:
    • Short-distance haulage
    • Long-distance freight transportation
    • Construction
    • Delivery and service
    • Personal use (pickup trucks)

In summary:

  • Tankers are specialized vehicles specifically designed for bulk liquid and gas transportation, while trucks offer more versatility in cargo types and applications.