What is a regular truck called?

There isn’t one universally accepted term for a “regular truck” as the terminology can vary depending on the context, region, and specific truck type. However, here are some possibilities:

1. Standard Cab: This is the most common and formal term used to describe a pickup truck with a single row of seats and typically two doors. It’s the original and traditional configuration for pickup trucks and offers a good balance of cab space, cargo bed size, and maneuverability.

2. Regular Cab Pickup: This term explicitly mentions “pickup” to clarify the type of truck being referred to, especially when discussing various vehicle categories.

3. Single Cab: While less common than “standard cab,” it also accurately describes a pickup truck with a single row of seating.

4. Other informal terms: Depending on the region or individual preference, you might encounter less formal terms like “regular truck,” “basic cab,” or “short cab” to describe this configuration.

It’s important to note that:

  • These terms primarily apply to pickup trucks.
  • Other truck categories might have different terminology for their standard configurations.
  • Double cab and crew cab trucks, with two rows of seats and four doors, are becoming increasingly popular, potentially making “regular cab” or “standard cab” more specific terms in certain contexts.

Therefore, while there’s no single definitive term, “standard cab” or “regular cab pickup” are the most common and widely recognized ways to refer to a pickup truck with a single row of seats.