What is a 2 cab truck?

The term “2 cab truck” is not a widely used or standardized classification in the trucking industry. However, based on common truck configurations, it could potentially refer to two different options:

1. Double Cab Truck:

  • Description: This is the most likely interpretation of “2 cab truck.” It refers to a pickup truck with two rows of seats and four doors, allowing seating for up to six people (depending on the specific model and configuration).
  • Other names: Double cab trucks are also known by various other names, including:
    • Crew cab (most common term)
    • Extended cab (sometimes used, although this term can also refer to a different configuration with smaller rear seats)
    • Quad cab (used by Ram trucks)

2. Custom Modification:

  • Less likely: In rare cases, “2 cab truck” might refer to a custom-modified truck where two separate cabs have been joined together, creating a unique vehicle with increased passenger capacity or specific use case.

Here’s why the “double cab” interpretation is more likely:

  • It’s a standardized and widely used term in the truck industry.
  • It accurately reflects the presence of two separate passenger compartments (cabs) with seating for multiple passengers.
  • The term “2 cab truck” is not commonly used in the industry, making a custom modification less likely.

Therefore, if you encounter the term “2 cab truck,” it’s most likely referring to a double cab (crew cab) pickup truck with two rows of seats. However, if you have any doubts or the context suggests otherwise, it’s always best to seek clarification from the source or consult additional information about the specific truck in question.