What are good truck names?

Choosing a good truck name depends on several factors, including:

  • Your personal style: Do you prefer something funny, tough-sounding, or classic?
  • The truck’s characteristics: Consider its size, color, capabilities, and any unique features.
  • Memorability: The name should be easy to remember and stand out.

Here are some ideas categorized by different styles:


  • Haul of Fame
  • Truckasaurus Rex
  • The Honkmobile
  • Shift Happens
  • Coal Miner (for a black truck)
  • Rusty But Trusty


  • Iron Horse
  • Road Warrior
  • The Juggernaut
  • Trail Blazer
  • The Ox
  • Mountain Mover


  • Big Red (for a red truck)
  • The Silverado (referencing a classic truck model)
  • The Workhorse
  • The Hauler
  • Blue Collar (for a blue truck)
  • The General

Based on features:

  • The Mud Slinger (for a truck used for off-roading)
  • The Snowplow (for a truck with a snowplow attachment)
  • The Tow Truck (for a tow truck)
  • The Long Haul (for a long-distance truck)
  • The Lunchbox (for a small truck)

Additionally, you can:

  • Use your name or initials: Big Mike’s Rig, Sarah’s Hauler
  • Reference a favorite song, movie, or book: The Millennium Falcon (Star Wars), The Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Get creative and invent your own unique name!

Remember, the best truck name is one that you personally like and reflects the character of your truck.