What are Class 4 trucks?

Class 4 trucks are a category of medium-duty trucks classified based on their Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This weight rating refers to the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle, including its cargo and passengers.

Here’s a breakdown of Class 4 trucks:

  • GVWR: They range from 14,001 to 16,000 pounds (6,350 to 7,257 kilograms).
  • Size and characteristics: They are generally larger than light-duty trucks (Class 1-3) but smaller than heavy-duty trucks (Class 7-8). They often have:
    • Single rear axle: Some models might have dual rear axles for increased load capacity.
    • Diesel or gasoline engines: Depending on the specific model and intended use.
    • Enclosed cargo areas: Box trucks are a common example of a Class 4 truck with an enclosed cargo space.
    • Flat beds: Used for transporting various materials and equipment.
    • Crew cab options: Some models offer seating for more than three passengers.

Common uses of Class 4 trucks:

  • Delivery trucks: Deliveries of goods, parcels, and packages.
  • Utility service trucks: Used by electricians, plumbers, contractors, and other service providers to transport tools and equipment.
  • Landscaping and construction: Hauling supplies, equipment, and materials.
  • Refrigerated trucks: Used for transporting temperature-controlled goods like food and pharmaceuticals.
  • Tow trucks: Used for vehicle recovery and towing services.
  • Mobile workshops: Equipped with tools and workbenches for on-site repairs and maintenance.

Regulations and licensing:

  • Driver’s license requirements: In most jurisdictions, a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with specific endorsements might be required to operate a Class 4 truck legally, depending on the specific vehicle weight and use case. It’s crucial to consult local regulations and licensing authorities for the specific requirements in your area.

Overall, Class 4 trucks are versatile workhorses in various industries, offering a balance between size, capacity, and maneuverability compared to lighter and heavier truck categories.