UD GW 26-490 Double Diff Truck Tractor

The UD GW 26-490 Double Diff Truck Tractor is a heavy-duty truck specifically designed for hauling heavy loads over long distances on highways and major roads. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Model: UD GW 26-490 Double Diff Truck Tractor

Engine: Powerful engine, exact specifications may vary depending on the model year and region. It typically offers enough power to handle heavy loads and efficient highway cruising.

Double Differential: This refers to the rear axle having two separate differentials, providing several advantages for heavy-duty hauling:

  • Improved traction: By allowing each wheel to rotate at different speeds, the double diff prevents the truck from getting stuck on loose or uneven surfaces, which can be encountered on construction sites, gravel yards, or uneven roads leading to industrial areas.
  • Enhanced handling: The double diff allows for tighter turns, especially when maneuvering at slow speeds with a heavy load, improving safety and efficiency in loading and unloading areas.

Tractor Configuration:

  • This truck is designed to function as a tractor, meaning it has a fifth-wheel coupling at the rear for connecting to a semi-trailer. This allows for versatility in hauling different cargo types by attaching different trailers depending on the needs.
  • The gross combination weight (GCW), which is the total weight of the tractor and the loaded trailer, will be a crucial factor to consider when determining the maximum payload capacity.


  • Long-haul transportation: Primarily used for hauling various goods and materials over long distances on highways and major roads, such as:
    • Dry goods and general cargo
    • Paletted goods
    • Packaged materials
    • Construction materials (when appropriate road access is available)
    • Oversized cargo (with specialized trailers)

Additional Points:

  • Fuel efficiency: While specific fuel efficiency figures might not be readily available, double diff configurations can potentially offer slightly lower fuel efficiency compared to single-axle setups due to the additional weight and complexity of the drivetrain. However, the improved traction and handling benefits can be crucial for specific applications.
  • Trailer compatibility: It’s recommended to consult the official UD Trucks website or authorized dealers in your area to determine the recommended trailer types compatible with the specific model variation and its GCW rating.
  • Price: Due to its heavy-duty build and double diff configuration, the UD GW 26-490 Double Diff Truck Tractor is likely to be more expensive compared to standard trucks.

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