SA Truck Bodies

Based on your previous searches and location in Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa, “SA Truck Bodies” likely refers to SA Truck Bodies Trailer Manufacturers, a leading manufacturer of trailers and related products in Southern Africa. Here’s a summary of what they offer:


  • Trailers: They specialize in a wide variety of trailers for various purposes, including:
    • Curtain-sided trailers: These have flexible sides that can be rolled up or down for easier loading and unloading.
    • Dropdeck trailers: These have a lowered rear deck for easier loading and unloading of equipment or machinery.
    • Flatdeck trailers: These have a flat platform for carrying various cargo like vehicles, machinery, and building materials.
    • Lowbed trailers: These have a very low deck height, making them suitable for transporting extremely tall or heavy equipment.
    • Superlink trailers: These are articulated trailers with two sections connected by a fifth-wheel coupling, offering increased cargo capacity.
    • Tipping trailers: These are designed to unload cargo by hydraulically tilting the bed, ideal for transporting loose materials like sand, gravel, and demolition debris.
    • Specialized trailers: They also offer trailers designed for specific applications like timber, cattle, and containers.
  • Truck bodies: While their primary focus is trailers, they also manufacture and supply truck bodies for different uses.
  • Related products and services: They offer a range of additional products and services, including:
    • Trailer parts: They supply various trailer parts for repairs and maintenance.
    • Trailer repairs and maintenance: They have workshops equipped to service and repair all types of trailers.
    • Financing options: They may offer financing options to help customers acquire their trailers.

Key features:

  • Over 40 years of experience: They have been in operation since 1981, making them a well-established brand in the South African market.
  • Wide range of products and services: They offer a diverse selection of trailers, truck bodies, parts, and services to cater to various transportation needs.
  • Nationwide presence: They have branches in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, ensuring accessibility for customers across South Africa.

Here’s how you can find out more about SA Truck Bodies:

If you’re looking for a specific type of trailer, truck body, or related service in South Africa, SA Truck Bodies is a good starting point to explore your options.