Pantechnicons And Personal Carriers

Pantechnicons and personal carriers are both terms used for enclosed box trailers, but they have some subtle differences in their typical applications and features:


  • Also known as: Removal van, box van
  • Typical use: Moving furniture and household belongings during relocations, transporting general cargo, and storage purposes.
  • Features:
    • Typically larger in size, ranging from around 6 meters to 13 meters long.
    • May have various door configurations, including side doors, rear doors, and even roll-up doors on the roof for ease of loading and unloading bulky items.
    • May be equipped with internal tie-down points or rails to secure cargo during transport.
    • Often used by professional removal companies or rental services.

Personal Carrier:

  • Also known as: Box trailer, car trailer, enclosed cargo trailer
  • Typical use: Transporting personal belongings like bicycles, motorcycles, camping gear, or tools for recreation or hobby purposes.
  • Features:
    • Generally smaller than pantechnicons, usually ranging from around 2 meters to 6 meters long.
    • May have simpler door configurations, such as single or double rear doors.
    • May have fewer internal features or tie-down points compared to pantechnicons.
    • Often used by individuals for personal transportation needs.

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences:

FeaturePantechniconPersonal Carrier
Typical useRemovals, general cargo, storagePersonal belongings, recreation, hobbies
SizeLarger (6-13 meters)Smaller (2-6 meters)
Door configurationMore varied (side, rear, roof)Simpler (rear doors)
Internal featuresMay have tie-down points/railsMay have fewer features
Typical userProfessional movers, rental servicesIndividuals

Ultimately, the choice between a pantechnicon and a personal carrier depends on your specific needs. If you need to move a large volume of household items, a pantechnicon is likely the better option. If you need to transport smaller personal belongings for recreational purposes, a personal carrier might be sufficient.