M&P trailer

Based on your previous searches and location, “M&P trailer” likely refers to M&P Trailer Sales, a South African trailer dealership located in Claresholm, Alberta. They specialize in selling horse trailers and offer various models, including:

  • Used and New Trailers: They offer both new and pre-owned trailers from various manufacturers, allowing you to find options within different budgets.
  • Cargo Trailers: They also sell cargo trailers, catering to a wider range of transportation needs beyond just horses.
  • Financing: They offer financing options to help make purchasing a trailer more accessible.

Here’s a summary of what M&P Trailer Sales offers:

  • Variety of horse trailers: They offer a selection of new and used horse trailers from reputable brands like Logan Coach, Bullseye, and Crossfire. These trailers come in various sizes, configurations, and features to suit different needs, such as:
    • Bumper pull trailers: These trailers are towed by a vehicle using a conventional hitch.
    • Gooseneck trailers: These trailers have a lower deck height compared to the towing vehicle, offering more headroom for horses.
    • Living quarters trailers: These trailers provide additional living space for long journeys or overnight stays.
  • Financing options: They offer financing options through various lenders, making it easier to manage the cost of purchasing a trailer.
  • Trade-ins: They accept trade-ins for used trailers, allowing you to potentially offset the cost of your new trailer.

Here’s how to find out more about M&P Trailer Sales:

It’s important to note that M&P Trailer Sales is located in Canada, and while they ship trailers within Canada, it’s unlikely they would directly sell or ship trailers to South Africa, where you are currently located.