Mercedes Benz 4144 Actros LWB Twin Steer 20000Ltr Water Tanker

The Mercedes-Benz 4144 Actros LWB Twin Steer 20000Ltr Water Tanker is a specialized heavy-duty truck designed for transporting and delivering large quantities of water. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Model: Mercedes-Benz 4144 Actros LWB Twin Steer 20000Ltr Water Tanker


  • Mercedes-Benz Actros: This is the base platform, known for its durability and reliability in heavy-duty applications.
  • Long Wheel Base (LWB): This configuration provides increased stability and space to accommodate the large water tank.
  • Twin Steer: This refers to having two steering axles at the rear of the truck. This configuration offers several advantages:
    • Improved handling: The additional steering axle provides better maneuverability and control, especially when navigating tight spaces or uneven terrain.
    • Increased payload capacity: The twin steer axles help distribute the weight of the water tank more evenly, allowing for a higher payload capacity compared to a single-steer version.

Water Tank:

  • Capacity: 20,000 liters (approximately 5,283 gallons). This large capacity makes it suitable for various applications requiring significant water volumes.
  • Material: The tank is likely constructed from stainless steel for durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning.


  • Construction: Supplying water for dust suppression, concrete mixing, and other construction activities.
  • Mining: Delivering water for dust control, equipment cleaning, and other operational needs.
  • Firefighting: Transporting water to fire scenes for firefighting operations.
  • Disaster relief: Providing water for drinking, sanitation, and other purposes in areas affected by disasters.
  • Landscaping: Delivering water for irrigation and dust suppression.
  • Other applications: Any situation requiring the transportation and delivery of large quantities of water.

Additional Points:

  • Price: Due to its specialized nature and heavy-duty build, this type of water tanker is likely to be more expensive than a standard truck.
  • Specific details: Consulting the official Mercedes-Benz Trucks website or authorized dealers in your area is highly recommended to obtain the most accurate information about specific model variations, water tank specifications, pumping and discharge systems, and any additional features.

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