Mercedes Benz 3344 Double Diff Truck

The Mercedes-Benz Actros 3344 Double Diff Truck was a powerful and versatile heavy-duty truck designed for hauling heavy loads over long distances. While no longer actively produced by Mercedes-Benz, it remains a popular choice in the used truck market. Here’s a summary of its key features:


  • Model variations: The 3344 came with various engine options, so specific details are difficult to determine without additional information. However, they typically used Mercedes-Benz OM series engines, known for their power and reliability, with outputs ranging from around 330 hp to 440 hp.


  • Options: Similar to the engine, different models might have different transmissions. These trucks were generally equipped with either Mercedes-Benz PowerShift automated manual transmissions (AMT) or manual transmissions, depending on the specific configuration and year.


  • 6×4: This configuration indicates six wheels, with four of them being powered (drive axles).

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM):

  • 33,000 kg (72,753 lb): This is the maximum permissible weight of the fully loaded truck.

Double Differential Axles:

  • Yes: As the name suggests, the truck has two differential axles, one in the rear drive axle and another in the bogie (middle set of axles). This configuration provides enhanced traction and stability when hauling heavy loads or navigating challenging terrains like off-road environments.


  • Long-distance freight hauling: Commonly used for transporting goods across long distances due to their power and efficiency.
  • Construction and mining: Their robust build and capacity make them suitable for hauling heavy materials in these industries.
  • Oil and gas exploration: Their off-road capabilities and durability can be valuable in such settings.
  • Logging and forestry: Often used for transporting logs and other forestry materials due to their ability to handle rough terrain and heavy loads.

Finding a Mercedes-Benz Actros 3344 Double Diff Truck:

Since production has ceased, you can find these trucks in the used truck market. Here are some resources for your search:

  • Online marketplaces: Websites like TruckScout24, AutoTrader, and MachineryTrader often have listings for used trucks.
  • Truck dealerships: Many dealerships specialize in selling used trucks, and they might have Actros 3344 models in their inventory.
  • Private sellers: You might also find these trucks listed for sale by private sellers online or in local classifieds.

Important Note:

  • When considering a used Mercedes-Benz Actros 3344 Double Diff Truck, it’s crucial to have it thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic before making a purchase to assess its condition, identify any potential issues, and ensure it meets your specific needs and budget.