Mercedes Benz 3335 Axor 10 Cube Tipper

The Mercedes-Benz 3335 Axor 10 Cube Tipper is a medium-duty tipper truck designed for transporting and unloading loose materials like sand, gravel, and debris over short to medium distances. Here’s a summary of its key features:


  • Unavailable: Specific details about the engine are difficult to find due to the various configurations and applications of this model. However, Mercedes-Benz Axor trucks typically use engines from their OM series, known for their durability and reliability. Engine power typically falls within the 200 hp to 300 hp range for this particular model.


  • Unavailable: Similar to the engine, information about the specific transmission might be challenging to locate. These trucks generally come equipped with manual transmissions for driver control during loading, unloading, and navigating various terrains.


  • Variations: The drive configuration can vary depending on the specific model. It could be either 4×2 (four wheels, two driven at the rear) or 6×2 (six wheels, two driven at the rear) depending on the intended use and desired payload capacity.

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM):

  • Variations: The GVM can also vary depending on the model and axle configuration. It typically falls within the range of 15,000 kg (33,069 lb) to 18,000 kg (39,683 lb).

10 Cube Tipper Body:

  • Capacity: The “10 cube” refers to the approximate volume of the tipper body, which is around 10 cubic meters (353 cubic feet). This capacity allows for hauling moderate loads of loose materials.
  • Hydraulic Tipping Mechanism: The tipper body is equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that allows for effortless lifting and tilting of the bed to discharge the load.


  • Construction: Commonly used in construction projects for transporting and unloading gravel, sand, soil, and other loose materials.
  • Landscaping: Suitable for hauling and delivering materials like mulch, topsoil, and decorative stones for landscaping projects.
  • Demolition: Can be used for transporting debris and waste materials from demolition sites.
  • Agriculture: Useful for hauling crops, gravel, and other materials in agricultural operations.

Finding a Mercedes-Benz 3335 Axor 10 Cube Tipper:

  • These trucks are primarily available in the used truck market. Here are some resources for your search:
    • Online marketplaces: Websites like Truck & Trailer, AutoTrader, and MachineryTrader often have listings for used tipper trucks.
    • Used truck dealerships: Many dealerships specializing in used trucks might have 3335 Axor models in their inventory.
    • Private sellers: You might also find these trucks advertised by private sellers online or in local classifieds.

Important Note:

  • When considering a used Mercedes-Benz 3335 Axor 10 Cube Tipper, exercising caution is crucial. It’s essential to have the truck thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic before purchasing. This allows you to assess the truck’s condition, identify any potential issues, and ensure it meets your specific needs and budget.

Remember, specific details and features, like engine power, transmission type, and drive configuration, might vary depending on the model year and individual truck’s configuration.