Mercedes Benz 2628 Compactor

The Mercedes-Benz 2628 Compactor is a heavy-duty truck specifically designed for waste collection and compaction. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Model: Mercedes-Benz 2628 Compactor

Engine: Powerful engine, exact specifications may vary depending on the model year and region. It typically offers enough power to handle the demanding task of waste collection and compaction.

Compactor Body:

  • This is the key characteristic of this truck. It consists of a hydraulically operated mechanism that compresses waste material as it is loaded into the hopper at the rear of the truck.
  • The compaction process maximizes the amount of waste that can be hauled in a single trip, reducing the number of trips required and improving overall efficiency.
  • The specific compactor body design and capacity might vary depending on the model variation.


  • Waste collection: Primarily used for collecting various types of waste from residential, commercial, and industrial locations.
  • Municipal waste management: Contributing to municipal waste collection and transportation for further processing or disposal.

Additional Points:

  • Chassis: The 2628 designation typically refers to the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the truck chassis, which can be around 26 tons (approximately 57,000 lbs). This allows for a significant payload capacity for waste collection.
  • Durability: Mercedes-Benz trucks are known for their durability and reliability, making them suitable for the demanding operation of waste collection.
  • Used truck market: Many available Mercedes-Benz 2628 Compactor trucks might be used vehicles. It’s crucial to consider factors like the truck’s condition, mileage, service history, and any modifications before purchasing.
  • Regulations: Compactor trucks need to comply with local regulations regarding waste collection and emissions standards. Consulting relevant authorities and waste management companies is essential to ensure the specific model meets the necessary requirements.


  • Consult the official Mercedes-Benz Trucks website or authorized dealers in your area to obtain the most accurate details and specifications for specific model variations, compactor body capacities, and available configurations.
  • Research local regulations: Ensure the chosen compactor truck complies with all relevant regulations regarding waste collection and emissions standards in your area.
  • Consider partnering with a waste management company: Partnering with a company with experience in operating and maintaining compactor trucks can provide valuable insights and support.

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