MAN TGM 25-280 Fridge

The MAN TGM 25-280 Fridge is a medium-duty truck designed for refrigerated transport applications. Here’s a summary of its key features:

Model: MAN TGM 25-280 Fridge

Engine: Powerful engine, exact specifications may vary depending on the model year and region, but typically optimized for efficient operation and fuel economy to ensure product quality and cost-effectiveness during transportation.

Refrigerated Cargo Space:

  • The truck is equipped with an insulated cargo compartment, typically made with sturdy materials and insulated panels to maintain consistent low temperatures.
  • A refrigeration unit is integrated into the cargo space, responsible for maintaining the desired temperature throughout the journey.


  • Primarily used for transporting temperature-controlled cargo, such as:
    • Food and beverages (e.g., fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat)
    • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
    • Flowers and other perishable goods

Additional Points:

  • The specific cargo capacity and temperature range of the refrigeration unit will vary depending on the model and configuration.
  • Payload capacity is also an important factor, but information specific to the TGM 25-280 Fridge is not readily available. Consulting the official MAN Truck & Bus website or authorized dealers in your area is recommended to obtain the most accurate details and specifications.

I hope this information is helpful!