MAN TGM 25-280 15 Ton Fridge

The MAN TGM 25-280 15 Ton Fridge is a medium-duty truck designed for transporting refrigerated goods over short to medium distances. Here’s a summary of the information I can provide:


  • Transporting refrigerated goods like food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Ideal for short to medium-haul deliveries, as the engine and overall design are optimized for such journeys.

Engine and Transmission:

  • Specific details about the engine and transmission are difficult to find due to the various configurations and applications of this model.
  • However, the MAN TGM series is generally known for:
    • Durable engines that can withstand the demands of constant operation.
    • Fuel-efficient engines that help reduce operating costs.
    • Manual transmissions that offer drivers more control over the vehicle.

Other Specifications:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVM): 15,000 kg (33,069 lb)
  • Refrigerated Body: This truck likely has an insulated box body with a refrigeration unit to maintain low temperatures for the cargo.
  • Double Diff (Optional): Some variants might have a double differential axle configuration offering improved traction and stability on uneven surfaces.

Finding Specific Information:

  • Due to the various configurations and applications, details about a specific MAN TGM 25-280 15 Ton Fridge truck might be challenging to find online.
  • You can try searching for listings of used trucks online, or contacting MAN dealerships or truck specialists to get more specific information about the engine, transmission, and other features of a particular truck.

I hope this information is helpful!