Based on your previous searches and location, it’s likely that “JDC trailer” refers to trailers manufactured by JDC Trailers, a South African company. They are a leading manufacturer of various trailers, including:

  • Sliding curtain trailers: These trailers have flexible sides that can be rolled up or down to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo.
  • Tipper trailers (both end and side tippers): These trailers are designed to unload cargo by tilting the bed, making them ideal for transporting loose materials like sand, gravel, and demolition debris.
  • Dropside trailers: These trailers have drop-down sides that can be lowered for easier loading and unloading of palletized goods or bulky items.
  • Timber carriers: These trailers are specifically designed for transporting logs and lumber. They often have features like stakes and chains to secure the load during transport.
  • Flatdeck trailers: These trailers have a flat platform for carrying a wide variety of cargo, including vehicles, machinery, and building materials.

JDC Trailers is known for its quality products, reliable service, and competitive prices. They have branches in Pretoria, Rosslyn, and Pomona, offering their trailers and after-sales services to customers throughout South Africa.