Isuzu FTR850 LWB 8 Ton Dropside

The Isuzu FTR850 LWB 8 Ton Dropside is a versatile medium-duty truck designed for hauling various cargo over short and medium distances. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and specifications:

Base Truck:

  • Model: Isuzu FTR850
  • Engine: Typically a 4-cylinder, 7.1-liter turbocharged diesel engine (IZUZU 4HK1-TC) offering around 169 kW (227 hp) at 2500 rpm and 667 Nm (492 lb-ft) of torque at 1500 rpm.
  • Transmission: Usually a 6-speed manual transmission, although automatic options might be available in some markets.
  • Axles: Typically comes with a single rear axle configuration (4×2), but a dual rear axle configuration (6×2) might be available in some markets depending on the specific model.
  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): Up to 15,000 kg (33,069 lbs), with a payload capacity of around 8,000 kg (17,637 lbs). This can vary depending on the specific configuration and additional equipment.

Long Wheelbase (LWB):

  • The “LWB” designation indicates a longer wheelbase compared to the standard FTR850 model. This translates to:
    • Increased cargo bed length: Providing more space for hauling longer items or larger quantities of cargo.
    • Improved stability: The longer wheelbase contributes to better handling and stability, especially when carrying heavy loads.

Dropside Body:

  • The cargo bed features drop sides that can be lowered, making it easier to load and unload cargo from the sides. This is particularly beneficial for bulky items or palletized goods.


  • Commonly used for:
    • Construction and building supplies: Transporting materials like bricks, lumber, piping, and other construction essentials.
    • Landscaping and gardening: Hauling equipment, plants, soil, mulch, and other landscaping materials.
    • Agriculture: Transporting crops, fertilizers, equipment, and other agricultural supplies.
    • General cargo transportation: Hauling various goods within its payload capacity, where the drop sides offer easier loading and unloading.

Things to Consider When Buying an Isuzu FTR850 LWB 8 Ton Dropside:

  • Year: The year of the truck will significantly impact its price, condition, and available features.
  • Mileage: Higher mileage trucks will generally be cheaper but may require more maintenance.
  • Service history: A well-maintained truck with a clean service history is preferable.
  • Cargo weight and dimensions: Ensure the 8-ton payload capacity and the cargo bed dimensions are suitable for your intended use.
  • Local regulations: Ensure the truck complies with any local regulations regarding vehicle dimensions and weight limits.

Finding an Isuzu FTR850 LWB 8 Ton Dropside:

  • Used truck websites: Several online platforms specialize in selling used trucks, including models like the Isuzu FTR850 LWB Dropside.
  • Truck dealerships: Authorized Isuzu dealerships might offer pre-owned FTR850 LWB models with dropside bodies.
  • Private sellers: You might find individuals selling their used FTR850 LWB Dropside trucks online or through classified ads.

Remember: When searching for a used Isuzu FTR850 LWB 8 Ton Dropside, conduct thorough research, inspect the truck thoroughly, and consider getting a pre-purchase inspection from a qualified mechanic to ensure you’re making an informed decision, especially regarding the condition of the truck, its suitability for your cargo needs, and its compliance with local regulations.