How much is it to hire a truck for a day in South Africa?

The cost of hiring a truck for a day in South Africa can vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

Truck size and type:

  • Small panel vans: R300 – R500 per day.
  • Medium panel vans: R400 – R600 per day.
  • Small to medium flatbed trucks: R500 – R700 per day.
  • Large flatbed trucks: R700 – R1000 per day.
  • Specialized trucks (e.g., crane trucks, side loaders): Higher than baseline rates due to their specific functionalities.

Rental duration:

  • Daily rates: As mentioned above.
  • Weekly rates: Typically offer a discount compared to daily rates, potentially ranging from 10% to 20% lower.
  • Monthly rates: Can offer even greater discounts, but might require longer commitments.

Distance traveled:

  • Some rental companies: Charge additional fees per kilometer/mile driven beyond a certain free limit (often 100 – 200 kilometers).
  • Others: Include unlimited kilometers within the daily rate.


  • Rates might vary slightly depending on the specific region in South Africa, potentially influenced by factors like demand, competition, and operating costs.

Additional factors:

  • Driver availability: If a driver is included in the rental, the cost will be higher compared to renting the truck alone.
  • Insurance: Additional insurance options might be available at an extra cost.

Here are some resources to help you get a more accurate quote for your specific needs:

  • Online truck rental platforms: Compare rates from different companies in your area.
  • Contacting truck rental companies directly: Discuss your specific requirements and request quotes.
  • Searching online marketplaces: Look for listings from individual truck owners who might offer competitive rates.

Remember, the figures mentioned above are general estimates, and it’s crucial to obtain specific quotes from rental companies based on your exact requirements (truck type, duration, distance, etc.) to get the most accurate pricing information.