How much does a 777 dump truck driver earn in South Africa?

Unfortunately, determining an exact salary for a 777 dump truck driver in South Africa is difficult due to the absence of readily available and specific data solely for this type of truck driver. However, here’s some information that can help you estimate their potential earnings:

General Dump Truck Driver Salary:

Based on various sources like SalaryExpert,, and job listings, the average monthly salary for general dump truck drivers in South Africa falls within the range of:

  • ZAR 163,188 per year (ZAR 13,600 per month)
  • ZAR 221,364 per year (ZAR 18,447 per month)

Factors Affecting Salary:

Several factors can influence the specific salary of a 777 dump truck driver, including:

  • Experience: Drivers with more experience and a clean driving record typically command higher wages.
  • Location: Cost of living can vary across different regions in South Africa, and salaries might be adjusted accordingly.
  • Company: Different companies might offer varying pay scales based on factors like company size, industry standards, and their specific needs.
  • Union membership: Drivers who are part of a union might have negotiated higher wages and benefits compared to non-union drivers.
  • Specific responsibilities: Tasks beyond basic driving, like loading or unloading materials, or working in hazardous environments, might influence pay.

Additional Considerations:

  • Limited data: While information on general dump truck drivers exists, data specifically for 777 dump truck drivers might be scarce due to the potential categorization under “Rigid Body Dump Truck” positions or broader “Dump Truck Driver” titles.
  • Benefits: Salaries might not always reflect the full compensation package, which could include benefits like medical aid, pension contributions, and paid time off.


To get a more accurate understanding of the potential earnings for 777 dump truck drivers, consider these steps:

  • Contact trucking companies directly: Inquire about their compensation practices for 777 dump truck drivers specifically.
  • Seek information from industry professionals: Talk to recruitment agencies or experienced dump truck drivers to gain insights into typical salaries in your region and for the specific type of truck.
  • Look for advertised positions: Check job boards and company websites for advertised salaries for 777 dump truck driver positions in your area.

By combining the information from general dump truck driver salaries, considering the influencing factors, and actively seeking additional data, you can gain a more realistic estimate of the potential earnings for a 777 dump truck driver in South Africa.