Fuso FA9 Double Cab 4 Ton Rollback

The Fuso FA9 Double Cab 4 Ton Rollback is a medium-duty truck designed for towing and recovery applications. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Chassis and Capacity:

  • Double cab: This configuration allows seating for up to five people, including the driver, making it suitable for crews or transporting additional passengers.
  • 4-ton capacity: This translates to a maximum payload of around 8,000 pounds, allowing it to tow or recover a variety of vehicles, including cars, vans, and small trucks.

Rollback Bed:

  • The key feature is the hydraulically operated rollback bed. This bed tilts at an angle, enabling vehicles to be winched or driven onto the platform for easy transport.
  • The bed size will vary depending on the specific model, but it should be large enough to accommodate most cars and small trucks.

Engine and Transmission:

  • Specific details are limited, but Fuso FA9 models typically come equipped with diesel engines offering around 170 to 210 horsepower, providing ample power for towing and maneuvering.
  • The transmission is likely a manual option, common in work trucks for better control and durability.


  • This truck is ideal for various applications, including:
    • Towing and recovery: Towing companies, breakdown services, and roadside assistance providers use it to recover vehicles involved in breakdowns, accidents, or illegally parked situations.
    • Repossession: It can be used by repossession companies to tow vehicles that have fallen behind on payments.
    • Private ownership: Individuals or businesses that need a versatile vehicle for occasional towing or transporting inoperable vehicles might find this truck useful.


  • Based on limited online listings in South Africa, the estimated price for a used 2018 model can range around R485,000 (around $33,000) excluding VAT.

Additional Points:

  • It’s crucial to consider factors like the truck’s condition, mileage, service history, and any additional features like a winch when evaluating specific used models.
  • Remember, these are general specifications, and the exact features and capabilities may vary depending on the specific model year and any modifications made.