Did Renault buy out Nissan?

No, Renault did not buy out Nissan. In fact, the two companies have a complex alliance formed in 1999, rather than a traditional ownership structure. Here’s a breakdown of the current situation:

1. Alliance structure:

  • The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is a strategic partnership, not a merger or acquisition.
  • Each company maintains its independence and operates as a separate entity.

2. Cross-shareholdings:

  • Renault holds 15% voting rights in Nissan.
  • Nissan holds 15% non-voting rights in Renault (with limited voting rights in specific situations).
  • Mitsubishi holds 34% non-voting rights in Nissan.

3. Recent changes (November 2023):

  • Renault sold a portion of its Nissan shares, reducing its voting rights to 15%.
  • This move aims to create a more equal footing within the alliance and address historical tensions.

Therefore, Renault doesn’t own Nissan, and neither company has complete control over the other. The alliance functions through collaboration, shared resources, and joint projects, while each company retains its autonomy. This structure has been evolving over the years, and the recent changes aim to create a more balanced partnership.