Carrier Trailers

Carrier trailers can refer to two different things in the transportation industry:

  1. Trailers equipped with Carrier refrigeration units: These are standard trailers, such as dry vans or reefers, that have a Carrier refrigeration unit mounted on the front or top of the trailer.

Carrier is a leading manufacturer of refrigeration units for trucks and trailers, and their units are known for their reliability, efficiency, and performance. These trailers are used to transport temperature-controlled goods, such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, that require specific temperature environments during transport.

  1. Drawbar and cable carrier trailers: As explained earlier, these are specialized trailers designed specifically for transporting large spools of cable or wire. They feature a drawbar for connection to a towing vehicle and a long, enclosed cable carrier that runs the length of the trailer bed to protect and support the cable spools during transport.

Therefore, when referring to “carrier trailers,” it’s important to clarify whether you are referring to:

  • Standard trailers equipped with Carrier refrigeration units for temperature-controlled cargo.
  • Drawbar and cable carrier trailers designed specifically for transporting cable spools.